Copper Pillar(Cu Pillar) ,Copper Post(Cu Post) ,Copper Column(Cu Column)

At FINECS, we produce and sell Cu pillars with a diameter ranging from 60μm to several 100μm, perfectly suitable for mounting on next-generation 2.5D or 3D packages with small pitches.
Our high-precision processing technology makes use of in-house made equipment and dies, enabling processing with stable dimensional accuracy, and can handle monthly production rates from hundreds of millions up to tens of billions.

Copper Pillars(Cu Pillars),Copper Column(Cu Column),Copper Chip(Cu Chip)
Copper Pillars(Cu Pillars),Copper Column(Cu Column),Copper Chip(Cu Chip)

Product features

Cu pillar
Example of Cu Pillar pin mounting
Example of Cu Pillar pin mounting
Cu pillar

Our Cu pillars / posts / pins are used in various ways and applications: a) in semiconductor packages with a PoP structure (package on package), as used in high-speed communication devices like smartphones or other mobile 5G devices, b) as an interconnect or interposer for a board with built-in components, c) in combination with solder balls or plating serving as a new technology to replace bumps.

As the density of semiconductor chips increases, the number of terminals is also increasing. To respond to this trend, and to deal with smaller pitches, minuscule copper terminals can be affixed like pillars to substitute for conventional solder bumps used to connect the semiconductor chip and package interposer.

There are two methods, using plating to create copper pillars, posts, or pins and mechanically arranging micro-terminals. At our company, we use our long years of experience manufacturing the micro-terminals to offer high-precision micro-terminals for use as Copper Pillars(Cu Pillars),Copper Column(Cu Column),Copper Chip(Cu Chip).

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We use our experience in remaining the world PGA Pins (Terminals for CPUs) market leader to attain high quality and large manufacturing capacity.

Comparison of Cu pillar pins, solder balls and plating laminates

Copper pillar Solder ball Plating laminates
H:FlexibleCupillar Flexible

P : Narrower pitch possible than with solder ball of same size

H<P possible
Narrow pitch not possible
solder ball
Only with same height(H) and pitch (P)
H>P possible
Narrow pitch possible
plating laminates
Connection Strong
(surface contact)
Copper pillar
(surface contact)
solder ball
(surface contact)
plating laminates
Shape Choosable
Ball shape onlysolder ball Cylindrical
※In case of lamination only cylindrical shape
plating laminates
Comparision of Cu pillers and solder balls

Reference standards

φ0.06mm~(straight pin, single-header pin (T-pin))
Regarding questions about wire diameter, diameter below flange, flange thickness, aspect comparison, or any other diameter related topics, please contact us.

Cu pillar


Straight type Cu pin (cylinder) Header type Cu pin (T-pin)

銅ピラー,Cuピラー,column,Cu pillar,Copper Chip
Straight type Cu pin (cylinder)
銅ピラー,Cuピラー,column,Cu pillar,Copper Chip
Header type Cu pin (T-pin)

Main applications

a) As an interconnect Cu pin / post / column within semiconductor packages
b) PoP (Package on package), FOWLP (Fan-out wafer level package), SiP (System in Package), SoC (System on Chip), 2.5D / 3D package and more
c) As an connector terminal or pin for interposers for all types of semiconductor IC packages.


Cu-based metals, copper alloys

Plating / surface treatment specifications

Sn, Ni, Au, SAC305 and more

  • * Specifications, materials, and other details are available upon request.

Please contact FINECS for details.

Embossed Taping (terminal pins & tiny components)
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