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FINECS has introduced a wide range of analytical instruments and constantly maintains stable levels of quality. Our analytical capabilities and high quality are highly regarded by our customers. We can also undertake various types of analysis work, so please feel free to contact us.

System that enables optimal proposals based on data

In recent years, with the ultra-miniaturization of electronic components, the quality demands required by various materials constituting products, surface conditions of products, the entire product, etc., have become stricter every day.
From the viewpoint of quality control and environmental management, we have introduced the latest analytical instruments to enhance our analytical capabilities and analytical capabilities, and have established a system that enables our customers to use FINECS Group products with confidence.
Using the Basic Quality Control Method, we will deepen our analytical capabilities and analytical capabilities day by day, and propose optimal solutions based on data.

List of analytical instruments


Scanning electron microscope

Main applications Surface observation (high vacuum, low vacuum) and elemental analysis

The sample is irradiated with an electron beam to detect reflected electrons from the surface or electrons generated by excitation, and the surface of the substance is observed. Surface observation from low to several tens of thousand times is possible, and qualitative quantitative analysis of minute areas is possible at the same time as observation.
Elemental analysis is X-ray spectroscopy using an energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer, and the analysis element range is B to U, and simultaneous analysis of the whole element range is possible.

High-frequency induction plasma emission spectrometer

Equipment manufacturerSHIMADZU
Main applicationsQuantitative elemental analysis of solution samples

High-temperature plasma is generated by ionizing argon gas using high frequency. When a liquid sample is sucked into the plasma and introduced into the plasma, the element-specific light generated from the excited atoms is detected spectroscopically for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the elements. Our equipment is a ICP emission spectrophotometer that is equipped with two sequential-type spectrometers and achieves both high resolution and high speed in comparison with the multi-element simultaneous analysis type (multi-channel type).

Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer

Equipment manufacturerSHIMADZU
Main applicationsEstimation of organic compounds (qualitative)

An analytical device that performs structural estimation (qualitative) of mainly organic compounds. Irradiated infrared light from the light source is directed onto the sample to absorb infrared radiation, which is equivalent to the vibrational energy inherent in the molecules (interatomic). The degree of absorption = The degree of interference is detected, and the structure of the compound can be analyzed by Fourier transform. Surface structure can be analyzed by infrared microscopy.

Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers

Equipment manufacturerSHIMADZU
Main applicationsQuantitative analysis of elements in various sample forms, including metals, resins, powders, and liquids


Environmental load device

Temperature (cold) impact tester

Equipment manufacturerEspec
Main applicationsEnvironmental assessment equipment (SH) and thermal shock equipment (TSA)

[Small Environmental Test Equipment SH]
 Characterization can be performed in the range from low temperature (-70°C) to high temperature (-200°C). which is the basis for various development tests, quality assurance, and reliability tests.
[Cold thermal shock device]
 The thermal shock test is a test to evaluate the reliability of the product by alternately giving high temperature (+150°C) and low temperature (-60°C) in a short time. Expansion and contraction with temperature changes cause repeated stress to accumulate material fatigue, which may lead to fracture at a strength lower than the static strength, and is used for data analysis at the design and development stage.

Measuring instrument

Fluorescent X-ray film thickness estimation equipment 

Equipment manufacturerHITACHI
Main applicationsFilm thickness measurement of known elements such as plating film

X-rays are irradiated on the sample, and the film thickness is converted from the intensity of the fluorescent X-rays (secondary X-rays) generated from there. The film thickness is calculated from a calibration curve using a standard sample. In recent years, connectors are becoming stronger in pitch, and microscopic terminals are becoming the mainstream. In addition, high-precision measurement methods are desired to save money. FT150 employs a polycapillary to collect X-rays and has an X-ray radiation diameter of φ30μm, making it a high-performance machine that can measure the plating film thickness of minute parts at high speed with high accuracy. Thin-film FP and calibration curve methods can be selected as the measuring modes. However, we use the calibration curve method.


Equipment manufacturerKEYENCE
Main applicationsSurface observation, measurement, photography, data analysis

Due to its excellent resolution and wide magnification range, it is used for fine observation and data analysis of the measured object.

Image size measuring instrument 

Equipment manufacturerKEYENCE
Main applicationsMeasurement of product dimensions

Automatically measures pre-programmed measurement points at a higher speed and more accurately than the captured image.

List of in-house inspection equipment

Name of equipment Equipment manufacturer
Analyzer Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) JEOL
High-frequency induction plasma emission spectrometer SHIMADZU
Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer SHIMADZU
Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers SHIMADZU
Total organic carbon meter (high-sensitivity type) SHIMADZU
Atomic absorption spectrophotometer SHIMADZU
Spectrophotometer (UV-visible) SHIMADZU
Environmental load device Temperature (cold) impact tester Espec
Highly accelerated life tester Hirayama Manufacturing
Constant temperature and high temperature dryer EYELA
Thermostatic bath Espec
Measuring instrument Fluorescent X-ray film thickness measuring device HITACHI
Microscope KEYENCE
Height and flatness measuring instrument KEYENCE
Image size measuring instrument KEYENCE
Cross-sectional material preparation equipment JEOL
Micro Vickers hardness tester ARS
Micro Vickers hardness tester SHIMADZU
Precision universal tester SHIMADZU
Solder checker RHESCA
Compressive tensile testing machine -
Stereomicroscope -
Measuring microscope -
Automatic measuring equipment Nikon
Projector Nikon
Glossmeter Nippon Denshoku Industries
Electronic scale -
Electric furnace SHIMADZU