The company name FINECS is
It expresses our corporate philosophy of "FINE + CS (customer satisfaction).


We are manifesting our corporate philosophy

by focusing on three areas of excellence.

We also focus on one additional area of excellence.
FINE Co-worker Smile
-Ensuring the happiness of our employees-

■ "FINE" is synonymous with "splendid," "outstanding," "superior," "sound," "delicate," "sharp," "refined," "magnificent" and "fair weather," and at the same time, it is an expression of our business of "fine engineering."

■ FINECS is a combination of the word "FINE" and the abbreviation "CS" (Customer Satisfaction). It expresses our commitment to engage in further improvements to the level of customer satisfaction.

■ "ECS" is an acronym for "Engineering," "Communication" and "Service." These, in turn, are an expression of our "FINE" business domain, corporate mindset and code of conduct.

At the beginning of the 21st century, a dramatic milestone in history, we chose this name out of a desire to be a company that leads the way in a new era full of "fine," from a wonderful society to a beautiful global environment and healthy mindset.