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Connector Terminals

Connectors are components used to electrically connect two circuits or parts, and are included in a wide variety of products such as electronic devices, household appliances, industrial machinery, automobiles, and telecommunications equipment.

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プレスフィットコネクタ/pressfit connector

About press-fit terminals and pins

In contrast to conventional connectors that are soldered when they are attached to the board, press-fit connectors can be attached by simply press-fitting them, simplifying the production process. More specifically, it is possible to eliminate the solder application and reflow processes.

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Micro pins, Cu piller, Cu post

By exploiting the ultra-small and metal header processing technology we have accumulated over many years, we offer the ultra-small terminals and micro pins, such as the copper pillars, copper posts, and copper pins, used in application processors for smartphones and other devices.

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Finecs' environmentally conscious products

As a globally expanding manufacturing company, we strive to develop and provide environmentally conscious products to meet the expectations of our customers around the world through our products.

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Introduction of FINESERT® Continuous Pin Insertion Machine for Press-fit Pins

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