Company profile

Finecs's Strong Points

FINECS' Headquarters are located in Funahashi Village, Toyama Prefecture, which is the smallest village in Japan in terms of area.Despite manufacturing in such a small village, we have gained the largest share in the world for PGA pins for personal computer CPUs. We will continue to strive to be an electronic components manufacturer that aims to be No.1 in the World from the smallest village in Japan.
This document introduces our strengths, company profile, and main business lines.

Product brochure

TANSEZ terminals

We have developed an innovative Cu/Al composite electrode terminal that eliminates the need for Cu/Al bus bars in lithium-ion batteries by combining the low-temperature forging method, which is virtually IMC-free for joining dissimilar materials, with high-precision double-action die technology.
This document introduces the Cu/Al composite terminal "TANSEZ terminal".

Features of Cu Pillar Pin

At FINECS, we produce and sell Cu pillars with a diameter ranging from 60μm to several 100μm, perfectly suitable for mounting on next-generation 2.5D or 3D packages with small pitches.
Our high-precision processing technology makes use of in-house made equipment and dies, enabling processing with stable dimensional accuracy, and can handle monthly production rates from hundreds of millions up to tens of billions. This document compares the features of Cu pillars with those of solder balls and layered plating, and introduces the advantages of Cu pillars.

Positive electrode/negative electrode terminal/sealing pin for rechargeable battery

We have been able to process positive electrode terminals, negative electrode terminals, and sealing pins used in rechargeable batteries for automobiles, consumer use, and the like, by using wire material cold header technology that has accumulated for many years. We will introduce our processing technologies used in designing and manufacturing equipment such as automatic processing machines and dies for processing terminals, as well as examples of positive and negative terminal shapes.

Copper pillar pin

We have achieved the top market share in the world in PGA terminals for the CPUs of mobile devices, laptop computers, servers, and other systems. In this field, we produce over 10 billion units per month, and have always maintained stable high quality.By exploiting the ultra-small and minute metal header processing technology we have accumulated in this way over many years, we offer the ultra-small terminals and micro pins, such as the copper pillars, copper posts, and copper pins, used in application processors for smartphones and other devices. In this document, we will explain the recommended copper pillar sizes, as well as the advantages and features of adopting copper pillars.