High global sales record

Our high-precision products are all manufactured by strict Japanese quality standards. Our components are used for mass-produced automotive or consumer equipment parts like connectors or sensors by many customers within and outside of Japan, and offer the following QCDS advantages (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service):


With ISO9001 as the foundation, we make sure to offer you the standard your quality products need. For details, please see FINECS quality management.
If you wish to visit our manufacturing site, we are happily awaiting your contact.


As most of our pins and electronic components are very small and light, it is possible to ship them in high numbers and low costs with international mail service.
Even for mass-produced parts the delivery costs are comparably low.


According to your L/T we send our products by air or sea, using international packaging standards to secure the quality of your purchased items.
The exact L/T can differ depending on the requested specifications. For details, always feel free to contact us.


If you are located in a different time zone, we flexibly offer you our services by mail or online meetings. For web meetings, we will send you an invitation, so there is no preparation to be done by your side except for connecting to the internet.:)


Q:Can you specify the means of overseas transportation?
A:We can provide air or sea transportation according to the customer's request. If you do not specify, we will propose the most appropriate means of transportation.

Q:Is it possible to hold meetings overseas with time differences?
A:We can flexibly accommodate time differences between Japan and other countries through web meetings using Microsoft Teams and other tools.