Below are some examples of our happy customers.

Impressed with stable manufacturing

The consistent quality manufacturing with in-house built, high-precision automated machines was wonderful and something only possible with FINECS.
It's rare for a company to do everything from design to fabrication of the machines that make their products. Not many places have machinery divisions, either.
I was impressed with your policy of fabricating the manufacturing machines used to make your products in house. (Company A)

Can see a high level of manufacturing technology

There is solid precision in each of your products and each of the parts that make up your automated machines. It shows the high level of processing and manufacturing technology you possess. I also visited your plant and was impressed by how well-organized it was and by your remarkable automation technology. I can tell that a considerable amount of effort was expended to get to that level. Plants like yours do Japan proud. (Company B)

No. 1 or 2 among affiliated plants

You have a high level of analytical capabilities, and I can be sure of a quality product when I entrust you with jobs. You're No. 1 or 2 when it comes to quality among our affiliated plants. (Company C)

Impressed with cleanliness at plant

It was wonderful to see how thoroughly you implement 5S and 6S activities. I think most of the people that visit your company feel the same way. I would love to know how you can get all employees to keep up those activities. The plant is clean, and I was able to entrust you with the job with confidence. There was so little waste, it even seemed austere. (Company D)

Could sense love for company among employees

All of your employees were friendly and polite. They go out of their way to greet customers. A standup job has been done with employee education, and I got a sense that most employees value their workplace and have a strong love for the company. It was a pleasant feeling being able to exchange courtesies with the employees. (Company E)

Set at ease by no-defect process

I feel like I learned what it means to have a no-defect process. We've had no big trouble with your products. It reminds me that this is the product of efforts to maintain quality. (Company F)

Customer concerns were wiped away

Thanks to you we have been able to keep track of our customer's questions and doubts and answer them accordingly to wipe away their concerns. We received feedback from our customer that everything was "good" overall. Thank you again. (Company G)

This is a very important cooperative factory.

We like the fact that they can independently start up mass production of new products without our cooperation, and that they are very smooth in dealing with delivery dates during product production.