March 1969 Established Toyo Sangyo Co., Ltd. (with capital of 200 million yen)
March 1969 Established Tokyo Office (Kita-Aoyama)
October 1970 Established Design Division
November 1973 Established Toyo Core Co., Ltd. (now Core Tec Co., Ltd.)
January 1974 Established Machinery Division
December 1975 Established Quality Management Division
March 1986 Established Osaka Office (Shin-Osaka)
August 1986 Established Medical Instrument Division
June 1988 Established Toyo Building Co., Ltd. (now TFC Co., Ltd.)
January 1990 Awarded Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Center Prize
October 1991 Established Prototype Development Division (now Product Technology Division)
August 1994 Established Toyo Sangyo Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore (with capital of $200,000)
August 1996 Acquired ISO 9002 certification (BVQI)
October 1997 Received commendation of Social Insurance Agency as workplace with good health management
February 1998 Noboru Matsuda became President & Representative Director
May 2000 Capital was increased to 299.67 million yen
January 2001 Closed Medical Instrument Division and established New Product Development Division
May 2001 Constructed Jojo Plant (total floor area of 14,100m2)
May 2001 Company name was changed from Toyo Sangyo Co., Ltd. to Finecs Co., Ltd.
Due to the above, Toyo Sangyo Singapore Pte. Ltd. was changed to Finecs Singapore Pte. Ltd.
September 2001 Machinery Division was spun off into FINECS Machine Co., Ltd. (with capital of 50 million yen)
December 2001 Expanded Head Office and Plant Building (total floor area of 1,720m2)
July 2002 Received successful blood drive commendation from Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare/td>
August 2002 Acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification (BVJC)
April 2003 Established System Division
May 2003 Received 30th Japan Copper Development Association Award
June 2003 Established JMT Plant (total floor area of 7,523m2)
August 2005 Established JMT South Plant (total floor area of 5,935m2)
November 2005 Received an award in the Technology division of the 12th Business Grand Prix Toyama
September 2007 Expanded Jojo Plant (total floor area of 29,379mm2)
August 2008 Acquired ISO 14001:2004 certification
November 2008 Received prize at 31st Kitanippon Shimbun Advertising Awards Grand Prix
June 2009 Selected as one of the "Top 300 Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Companies"
March 2011 Established Finecs Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam
April 2011 Designated by Toyama Prefecture as model company for small and medium-sized company management
September 2013 Received the Excellence Award at the 5th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards
April 2015 Tatsuhiko Matsuda appointed President and Representative Director
July 2017 Joined the "Ikubosu" (workaholic) Company Alliance in Toyama, Japan
March 2018 Recognized as a healthy company by the Ishikawa Federation of Health Insurance Associations
December 2018 Recognized as a Regional Future Leading Company by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
February 2019 Recognized as a corporation with excellent health management by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
December 2020 Received the Energy Conservation Grand Prize "Judging Committee's Special Prize" from the Energy Conservation Center, Japan
April 2021 Opened Nagoya Branch
January 2023 We have acquired IATF16949 certification. Scope:Jyojyo factory/Electrode Terminals of Rechargeable Battery