The FINECS Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy

FINE Customer Satisfaction

The company name FINECS is
It expresses our corporate philosophy of "FINE + CS (customer satisfaction).


We are manifesting our corporate philosophy
by focusing on three areas of excellence.

We also focus on one additional area of excellence.

FINE Co-worker Smile

- Ensuring the happiness of our employees -


Connect the world through small parts

FINE Processing

Connect the world through small parts

We are creating value that benefits society

by mastering three essential technologies:

cold forging, composite fabrication, and automation.

Value of our mission and work

cold forging, composite fabrication, automation, and the creation of new value for society

Good parts will continue to exist

All products in the world, including automobiles, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and medical devices, are made of parts.Good products are built on the presence of good parts.With technological advances, new products are constantly being developed in society, and new "good parts" are always required.By thoroughly pursuing cold forging, composite fabrication, we will continue to respond to the needs and inquiries of customers who will continue to meet their expectations by offering cutting-edge proposals.

Good products come from good parts

Good parts are components that have the most advanced technology and specifications in the industry, and are of stable quality, reliable, affordable, and smoothly delivered at affordable prices.In order to provide such "good" components, we will continue to thoroughly implement the "automation" technique we have been working for since our founding. In this way, we will strive to create outstanding "good" components that are unique to FINECS with the goal of unmanned driving.

For good parts, from "good process" and "good machine"

A good process is a process in which 100% good products are manufactured, which is an ideal process with low variability, stable quality, and price competitiveness.In order to realize this, it is necessary to have machines and processes that are automation, and the initial stage, such as the design concept stage and the selection stage of components, is very important.At this point, we hope to achieve customer satisfaction through FINECS's engineering capabilities.

We will improve processes, automatic machinery, processing technology, materials, human resources, ways of thinking, and ways of working. We will make good parts (things) and realize dream factories and future factories.

We are committed to establishing a company of value to our customers. We are creating value that benefits society by mastering three essential technologies: cold forging, composite fabrication, and automation.

Basic management policy

1. [Fulfilling our mission and creating our customers from the customer's perspective]

We will constantly visit the customer's workplace to understand customer needs and issues that have yet to be met by customers and society.Based on our mission and strengths, we will create new value to solve issues faced by our customers and society.By detecting changes in customer issues and responding flexibly to them, we will provide customers and society with joy and peace of mind through new products and services that satisfy customers.

2. [Human-centered management and employee growth]

All employees work hard and grow every day through their work.We aim to be a company that maximizes the capabilities of all employees, based on merit-oriented and personalism.We will contribute to the progress and development of mankind and society while pursuing the harmony of all employees.In order to realize our mission, we will work tirelessly and with strong willpower, and enjoy our work.We will foster a large number of human resources with management awareness and leadership, and both the company and its employees will grow together, leading to the realization of our mission.

3. [Enhancing Fine Engineering Technology]

We combine the wisdom of science, technology, and engineering to cold forging, composite fabrication, and automation.We will realize a stable company where technicians can work enthusiastically and with a deep sense of satisfaction and a sense of social mission.We will constantly refine our engineering capabilities, which are DNA of the Finenex Group since its founding, to become an entity that creates better changes by ourselves, and to create and provide the "new value" that our customers and society want.

4. [Divisional profitability system and improved business performance, cultivation of leaders and realization of all-employee participatory management]

Management and improvement of profitability and productivity indicators for small departments, while placing top priority on overall optimization.To realize our corporate mission, each division, led by its leaders, improves performance and productivity indicators for all employees, thereby realizing all-employee participatory management.We will consistently pursue revenue (profit) maximization, cost minimization, and time minimization, and use profits to invest in development for the future and to allocate them to all employees.

5. [Ability to improve ~Always do creative work ~]

From today to tomorrow, from tomorrow,the day after tomorrow, all employees will always think about it, constantly devising ideas, and continuously improving it.Through the accumulation of small innovations and improvements on a daily basis, we are able to achieve significant results.Based on the three principles of reality and reality, we will carry out scientific work using numerical values to improve our technological capabilities and profitability and realize our mission.

6. [Challenge new jobs with high added value]

We are committed to high-value-added work that solves the problems of customers.We plan and develop differentiated proposals that take a step ahead of the current situation and contribute to our customers through communication with customers from the prototype and development stages.