Noboru Matsuda, President and Representative Director

For the future
Knowledge and technological capabilities give rise to new creations,
and connections between people produce trust and harmony;
that infinite circle in turn leads to hope and prosperity.

This desire of the company is inscribed on the "Creativity/Harmony/Prosperity" monument at our Jojo Plant in Toyama City.
We have continued to grow since launching production in 1965 as a manufacturer specializing in terminal pins for electronic components and lead wires. Today, we boast of the top production in Japan in terms of both quality and quantity when it comes to wire heading.
In 2001, based on our commitment to being a company that earns the highest level of trust from people and society in the new century and our aim to become a company capable of pursuing the latest processing technology and providing the best quality, Toyo Sangyo Co., Ltd. was reborn as FINECS Co., Ltd. The origin of this company name is an expression of FINE+CS (a company with excellent customer satisfaction).
Thanks to our advanced technology, we now have an integrated work system that covers everything from the production of header pins to the fabrication of dies and production machinery, including presses and plating equipment, necessary for product development. We also use our proprietary technology to fabricate many other pieces of equipment such as electric panels, polishing machines, inspection machines and connector assembly machines.
In a dramatically changing and increasingly global society, FINECS will continue to polish our technology and provide the best QCD as we push forward as a company that elicits feelings of trust and security.

Noboru Matsuda President and Representative Director

We are committed to establishing a company of value to our customers. Fulfilling our mission.

Today, we are in the midst of a revolution in IT and telecommunications.
In the automotive industry as well, EV (electric vehicles), PHV, FCV and other unprecedented new vehicles have emerged, leading to the evolution of ADAS and environmentally-friendly vehicles as Mobility and an era of revolution in the automotive industry.
Against this backdrop, we have established a corporate mission to realize our corporate philosophy of "FINE's CS" with a view to the next 50 years.

FINE Processing
Connect the world through small parts
We are creating value that benefits society
by mastering three essential technologies:

cold forging, composite fabrication, and automation.

By mastering our strengths in forging, combined processing, and automation to the point of excellence, we will provide new value and satisfaction to our customers through the manufacture of future parts used in automobiles, smartphones, devices, industrial equipment, medical and healthcare equipment, etc., which are in demand one after another.

Our dedication to excellence can be summed up in one phrase: “Good products come from good parts, and good parts come from good machines.”

We continue to drive the evolution of our in-house automatic processing machines and elemental technologies through daily improvement, all the while producing the “good parts” that go into outstanding products while pushing our manufacturing productivity to the limit. By developing high-precision electronic components of exceptional quality, we are creating the industry-leading manufacturing technologies of the future. And by adding value and ensuring customer satisfaction, we will earn the praise, acclaim, and gratitude of our customers, local communities, and stakeholders.
We remain committed to the ongoing development of a worthy company where all our employees can demonstrate their skills as well as their pride of craftsmanship.

Tatsuhiko Matsuda President & Representative Director