Metal Parts Processing Business - From Vietnam with Japanese Manufacturing Technologies and Quality -

FINECS VIETNAM offers the metal working components used in automated machines, various facilities and dies, as well as metal pressing products used in automotive sensors and various electronic components.

If you wish to buy in Vietnam localized or have a intention to import the metallic machinery parts, precision parts, die and mold parts and cemented carbide, stamping parts etc. from Vietnam, Please feel free to contact us anytime.


FINECS VIETNAM offers the metal working components used in automated machines, various facilities and dies, as well as metal pressing products used in automotive sensors and various electronic components.


FINECS VIETNAM is a manufacturer of metal electro-discharge machining, metal-electrode machining, metal cutting and metal grinding machining at Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park 1 in Binh Duong Province located 20 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City.

Particularly we specialize in grinding, wire EDM and die sinking EDM and get high reputation from many customers.

A Japanese technician (a professional in machining practice-Class 1 of plane grinding technician) stays there to provide technical guidance and management.

日本で語学や文化を実生活や仕事を通して学び、モノづくりに対する技術や知識を習得したベトナム人スタッフが、当社FINECS VIETNAMにて部品加工技術者や管理者として活躍しています。

In terms of quality, we are introducing three-dimensional measuring instruments and other measuring instruments to ensure stable quality.

Recently, as a manufacturer of electronic components, we have also started the press working for sensor parts used in automobile.

We believe it is our value and mission to maintain the same quality and sense of security as in Japan and to provide various parts for our customer with lower and affordable prices,

Regarding to the materials for our processing, we mainly use steel, also cemented carbide, aluminum and stainless steel.

For heat treatment, we have introduced a heat treatment furnande in house to shorten the lead time to our coustomer.

Customer can contact and purchase our commodities from Japan or Vietnam and if occuring claim about quality we will reply from Japan or Vietnam as a after-sales service to the customer.

FINECS Head Office in Toyama Japan promotes employment of Vietnamese technicians and trainees for many years in the field not only for metal parts processing but also for press working, forming and assembling electronic parts.

Through those practical training and experiences in manufacturing electronic components in Japan, we are focusing on developing human resources and enhancing manufacturing capabilities.

There are many Vietnamese staff in FINECS VIETNAM who learned Japanese language and culture through actual life and work in Japan. They are all key persons of engineer and manager who learned technologies and knowledges of manufacturing in Japanese way.


We always contribute to our customers through our three strengths and features.

  1. Quality and technology of the Japanese level
    • We encourage our attitude to high-precision, high-quality engineering that is inherited from our FINECS Head Office Factory.
      The Metallic Part Processing Service at FINECS Head Office Plant has approximately 50 years history, where we FINECS VIETNAM are inheriting DNA.
  2. We specialize in grinding and wire and electrode engraving electrical discharge machining for precision metal parts.
    • We upgrade our facilities and pursue the skills of craftsmenship everyday.
  3. We will manufacture a whole set of die and mold. We also engage in the stamping press processing business for automotive components.
    • Using metal parts processed in-house, we can manufacture and provide a complete set of die.
      We also started metal press working business to manufacture terminals for sensor used in automobiles.
      We operate this system under a quality control system that can accommodate mass production of automotive electronic components.

We are successfully responding and offering not only to customer in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia but also to Europe, America and Japanese who are seeking overseas procurement from Vietnam.


Address No.42, Street 6, Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park, An Phu Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam
Industrial park Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park 1 (Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam)
Access Around 20km north of center of Ho Chi Minh City. Around 1 hour by car from Ho Chi Minh City and 1 hour by car from Ho Chi Minh International Airport
Contact phone number (sales) TEL:+84-274-3765-958
Japanese-speaking:+84-91-880-7330 Nishitani Yoshihiro
Contact E-mail (sales) Vietnamese &
Description of Businesses Machine parts processing, die and mold parts processing, precision metal processing, metal (electronic parts) stamping press processing, die manufacturing
Site area 18,000 m2 (factory area 4700 m2)
Number of employees 3 Japanese engineers
98 Vietnamese staff members
17 employees experienced in Japan
Major customers (Japan) Sunseiki Co., Ltd. Wisma International, Inc. FINECS Co., Ltd.
Major customers (Vietnam) Fujikura Panasonic YKK
Equipment, automated machinery, and die manufacturers
Press working and mold processing manufacturers
Healthcare, Semiconductor Equipment manufacturers
Apparel manufacturing equipment manufacturers

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Introduction of FINECS VIETNAM Plant

Full view of plant
Full view of plant
View of cutting floor
View of cutting floor
View of grinding floor
View of grinding floor
View of wire EDM and die sinking EDM processing floor
View of wire EDM and die sinking EDM processing floor

List of Major Machine Tools and Facilities

All machining facilities are manufactured in Japan and is upgraded new with best condition for metalworking to achieve Japanese quality.

Machine name Machine model Manufacturer Unit number Year of manufacture Specifications Environment
Vertical Machining Center V55 Makino Millinx-g Machine 3 2000 900×500×450 14,000mm/min  
Vertical Machining Center V33 Makino Milling Machine 1 2004 750×635×250 20,000mm/min 30,000mm/min  
Vertical Machining Center F3 Makino Milling Machine 2 2017 650×500×450 20,000mm/min 30,000mm/min  
Surface Grinder PSG-64EX Okamoto Machine Tool S/S 1 2000 600×400   Constant temperature environment suitable for precision machining
Surface Grinder ACC84CA Okamoto Machine Tool S/S 1 2014 800×400  
Surface Grinder PFG500DXSL Okamoto Machine Tool S/S 1 2007 450×150  
Surface Grinder PFG500DXPL Okamoto Machine Tool S/S 1 2001 450×170  
Surface Grinder F-524ADP-R Nicco 1 2012 450×220  
Surface Grinder F-515ADⅡPR Nicco 1 2012 450×170  
Surface Grinder F-515ADⅡPR Nicco 1 2012 450×170  
Nc Surface Grinder F-515DREAM-R Nicco 1 2012 450×170 Grindstone width up to 0.1mm can be supported
Wire Electric Discharging Machine SL400Q Sodick 1 2014 400×300×250 Wire diameter from φ0.1mm
Wire Electric Discharging Machine AL400G Sodick 1 2016 400×300×250
Wire Electric Discharging Machine AL600G Sodick 1 2016 600×400×350
Wire Electric Discharging Machine QA10 MITSUBISHI 1 2000 350×250×250
Die -sinker Electric Discharge Machine AG40L Sodick 1 2014 400×300×220 High-precision built-in spindle specifications
Die -sinker Electric Discharge Machine SV12P MITSUBISHI 1 2020 900×650×350 Compatible with fine hole machining up to φ0.2
Heat Treatment Furnace NVF-50-OQ Nakanippon Furnace Industry 1 2012 250×250×400 Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace  
Heat Treatment Furnace PQ-65/50/100 IHI 1 2017 650×500×1000  

Processing Examples (Precision Parts Processing)

[Cutting] Transport block, material: Aluminum
[Cutting] Transport block, material: Aluminum
  • Accommodate to irregular shapes
  • [Cutting] Mold for nylon, material: S50C
    [Cutting] Mold for nylon, material: S50C
  • Parallelism and flatness within 0.05mm by machining process
  • At R(adius) part, mirror machining is possible by using tools only (Migakiless)
  • [Cutting] Lever, material: S50C
    [Cutting] Lever, material: S50C
  • Contour machining
  • Pitch tolerance within 0.01mm
  • [Cutting/Grinding] Set-block, material: SKS3
    [Cutting/Grinding] Set-block, material: SKS3
  • Grinding with parallelism, flatness and straightness within 0.002mm
  • Meets machining after heat treatment
  • [Grinding] Transport-plate, material: SKS3
    [Grinding] Transport-plate, material: SKS3
  • Achieves flatness within 0.002mm by original processing method
  • Within 0.002mm in parallelism and straightness
  • [Grinding] Slider-block, material: SKS3
    [Grinding] Slider-block, material: SKS3
  • The original processing technology achieves the accuracy of Mizo width and straightness within 0.002mm.
  • Also possible within 0.002mm for flatness, parallelism and straightness
  • [Grinding/Wire EDM] Punching die, material: SKD11
    [Grinding/Wire EDM] Punching die, material: SKD11
  • Grinding with parallelism, flatness and straightness within 0.002mm
  • Wire processing is possible 0.002mm for both pitch and shape
  • [Grinding/Wire EDM] Equipment component, material: SKS3
    [Grinding/Wire EDM] Equipment component, material: SKS3
  • Combined machining of grinding and wire EDM
  • [Grinding/Wire EDM] Bend-punch, material: SKD11
    [Grinding/Wire EDM] Bend-punch, material: SKD11
  • Mizo pitch within 0.002mm
  • [Grinding/Wire EDM] Punching, material: SKD11
    [Grinding/Wire EDM] Punching, material: SKD11
  • Possible from wire diameter φ0.1mm
  • [Grinding/Wire EDM] Punching, material: SKD11
    [Grinding/Wire EDM] Punching, material: SKD11
  • Wire processing is possible up to 150mm length
  • [Press die-type]
    [Press die-type]
  • We are successfully responding the inquiries of a whole set press dies.
  • Handling materilas

    Steel products SS400,S45C,S50C, SKS,SKD,SKH, etc.
    Aluminum material A5052,A6061, etc.
    Stainless steel material SUS304, SUS440C, etc.
    Other Cemented carbide, resin material (MC nylon), Copper, brass, etc.

    Heat and surface treatment

    • We have a vacuum heat treatment furnace (manufactured by Nakanihon Furnace Kogyo, IHI) that accommodates various steel, stainless steel and Inconel materials.
    • Surface treatment (electroless nickel, alumite, black dyeing, etc.)
      Although we outsource surface treatment (Japanese companies), there is no significant difference from Japan in term of quality.

    Applicable machining accuracy

    Cutting ±0.03mm, grinding ±0.002mm, wire EDM ±0.003mm, die sinking EDM ±0.005mm
    We install the facilities made in Japan and are continually providing education and training for technicians to pursue stable quality with high precision.

    Introduction of Die and Mold Manufacturing

    FINECS VIETNAM now manufacturing press die and mold.

    We design first then machine die and mold parts and assemble into whole set of die/mold in-house so that we can offer a one stop service for customer.

    We have a successfull track record in sales of die and mold for electronic components, printer multifunction devices, jewelry-related parts, stationery-related parts, sports shoes and healthcare-related parts.

    Currently, we mainly respond to customers in Vietnam but we hope to address the needs of customers who wish to procure overseas from Vietnam.

    As we sincerely try to offer our lower and affordable price with high quality Japan, please feel free to contact us anyway.

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    [Press die-type]
    Examples of Precision Dies

    Introduction of Pressed products of metal terminal used for in-vehicle sensor

    FINECS VIETNAM manufactures precision pressed product for metallic terminal used in automotive sensor in-house, where processing and reparing neccessoy dies under management system ISO9001: 2015.

    In order to ensure quality that can withstand in-vehicle components we introduce Toyota's five major control boards and manage each item of safety, quality, cost, production and human resources.

    We set target values and promote visualization and improve process every day. We also commit to manufacturing with stable quality through anomalous assessing and 4M changes for QC.

    We pursue stable quality in our own processes and strive to make customer feel that our products are affordable with good quality and valuable price.

    In production line, we are promoting scientific manufacturing based on numerical calculations by introducing the core production information SAP system.

    In future, we extend our business to manufacture precision press products, precision plastic mold products and to assembling component as well as manufacturing precision metal parts, dies and jigs.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry or plans to purchase the precise machined parts for automotive, electronics, medical and health care products in Vietnam or from other countries.

    Introduction of Pressed products of metal terminal used for in-vehicle sensor

    Quality Control System of FINECS VIETNAM

    We aim to manufacture products of Japanese quality and Japanese accuracy.

    • We guarantee the quality of metal precision machined parts and dies, etc to use ultra-precise three-dimensional measuring instruments and other measuring instruments depending on the situation.
    • Through the training local employees, we conduct 100% in-process inspection and final inspection of all products in accordance with ISO9001 and assure our quality under control system comparable to that in Japan.
    • In 2019, we obtained ISO 9001: 2015 certification. (The manufacturing of electronic components only.)

    List of Measuring Instruments

    Instrument nameInstrument modelManufacturerUnit numberYear of munufacture
    Measuring microscopeMF SERIESMITUTOYO12012
    Measuring microscopeMM-800/LNIKON12014
    Three-dimensional measuring machineCRYSTA APEX S544MITUTOYO12013
    Three-dimensional measuring machineXYZAX FUSION NEXTOKYO SEIMITSU12017

    Microscope dimension measurement
    Microscope dimension measurement
    Final inspection process (dimensions, quality)
    Final inspection process (dimensions, quality)
    Measuring microscope
    Measuring microscope

    Quality Control System

    We are striving to improve our quality of metal parts processing business every day.

    Currently, we are trying to achieve non-conforming products leakage "0" to the next process through self inspections and in-process inspections in each process.

    As major approaches by the working staff in our manufacturing floor

    • In order to prevent processing leakage, staff certainly checks to record on the drawing that he finished process.
    • Staff measures and writes the finished dimensions on the drawing for himself. (It will give a rise to the staff attention to dimensional tolerance)
    • Education and training for staff to improve knowledge and technology (deepen knowledge and integrate with technology through study meetings)

    We are working to achieve the goal of "0" non-conforming product passing, however if a defective product will be found after delivery please inform your claim to our sales team of FINECS VIETNAM or FINECS JAPAN, they check the defective and reply in soonest possible.

    Service Flow

    Please see our service flow.

    *1. Contact

    In addition, customers who wish to procure our service from Viet Nam, Asia, Europe, the USA, Oceania and other countries please feel free to contact directly FINECS VIETNAM by telephone or e-mail.

    Customers in Japan please feel free to contact FINECS Head Office Toyama (Japan) or FINECS VIETNAM and FINECS VIETNAM reply soon.

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    *2. About WEB conference

    We can do web conference and online meeting to transmit Microsoft Teams or Apple FaceTime. Other systems will be transmitted by the customer and we can handle.

    Delivery date

    We usually ship our product by air freight, which will take 2-3 weeks to your destination. If you like by sea freight, which 3-4 weeks to your destination. Details as per destination and our quotation.

    To customers who wish to procure our service from Vietnam, we always try to work and ship our product as soon as possible.

    Transaction currency

    Customers order from Japan: JPY

    Customers order in Vietnam: VDN, USD

    Customers order from Asia, Europe and the USA: USD

    We will respond your procurement in Vietnam and from overseas.

    Payment term

    We would appreciate your payment by the end of next month after the month of delivery to you.

    Participate Exhibition

    As we every year actively participate in exhibition Vietnam such as MTA, METALEX etc., please feel free to visit our booth and ask anything any time.

    【MTA VIETNAM 2019 2019.07.02-05】

    【MTA VIETNAM 2019 2019.07.02-05】
    【MTA VIETNAM 2019 2019.07.02-05】

    Exhibition sample product

    [Precision press die punch/cemented carbide machining sample]
    [Precision press die punch/cemented carbide machining sample]
    [Precision Machine Parts Sample]
    [Precision Machine Parts Sample]
    [Precision press die parts sample]
    [Precision press die parts sample]
  • Manufacturing dies and jigs are also available.
  • [Precision Machine Parts Sample]
    [Precision Machine Parts Sample]
  • We offer high quality and lower price and always welcom the procurements from overseas.
  • Customer feedback

    We would like to introduce some comments from our customers. Please let us share with your various and valuable opinions with us also.

    It was a dealing in automotive parts that we asked, but we were feeling enjoyment.

    At first we worried about overseas procurement from Vietnam in terms of quality and after-delivery service, but actually in the event of our harder delivery time and our changing sepcs, they helped us quickly. As you know, automotive parts, demand quiality level is very high so that we like to continue to ask them to make our parts.
    In-Car Industry Purchasing Manager

    Thank you for your polite response.

    We have revised design and drawing many times, but you understood us and responded every time, we thank you so much.
    General Manager of Piping Industry Plant

    We are satisfied with your high-quality, high-precision machine parts.

    Even though we did not have a drawing and asked delivery so short, you measured our exsisting parts and drew by yourself. Of course the parts you made for us are so nice. We really satisfied with your quality and accuracy amazing. Very grateful to FINECS VIETNAM!
    Person in charge of technology in the healthcare industry

    The quality was stable even we ordered press die parts by material carbide steel !

    I asked for press die parts, and the quality is stable even in carbide processing. FINECS is very helpful in delivering Japanese quality with lower than procurement from Japan. And they surely served quick response to our expectation about after sales service too ! I am looking forward to working with them in future too.
    General Manager of Electronics Industry Plant

    We found a nice supplier because we can change into Vietnamese localization from European procurement. Very satisfied.

    We have been buying dies from Italy for many years and felt it is serious to face long lead time to Vietnam from Europe with high price. To know you of FINECS VIETNAM at the exhibition Ho Chi Minh city, we asked you to make our dies right away. Technique is splended. It is best for us to buy dies to shorten time with lower prices in Vietnam. It is really nice to meet FINECS VIETNAM.
    Purchasing representative of jewelry industry

    The factory is clean and secure. Improvement of working environment convinces us it is a Japanese way.

    You have been very helpful in dealing with Japanese quality for us in Vietnam. We have toured your clean and beautiful plant, where management was done same way in Japan. And we were very relieved to know that you are introducing the latest equipment and focussing the working environment for the pursuit of high precision. Thank you so much for your continuous support.
    Purchasing representative of decorative industry

    Please feel free to contact us.

    Please feel free to contact us if you considering procurement in Vietnam or procurement oversea from Vietnam for metalworking parts, various molds, jigs and precision pressed parts .

    Consultation/Quotation Contact

    FINECS VIETNAM (Vietnam Plant/Binh Duong Province)

    Sales Manager: Ms. Hien, Plant/Sales Director: Mr. Nishitani
    Mobile(Japanese: Mr. Nishitani) :+84-91-880-7330 (Monday-Saturday 8:00-17:00)



    FINECS Co., Ltd. (Head Office/Toyama, Japan)

    General Manager, Machinery Engineering Department, Mr. Tamo
    TEL :076-462-0082 (Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00)
    FAX :076-464-1800
    E-Mail (Japanese):
    After receiving your inquiry, we will pass them to our Vietnam plant immediately.