The Future We Are Working Toward

FINE Processing

Connect the world through small parts

We practice what is called “FINE Processing,” which combines precision manufacturing technologies and work
methods that take advantage of the strengths and uniqueness of FINECS.
We remain committed to a brighter and more affluent world through the production of small parts in a manner that reflects our mastery of our stated mission.

FINECS's new vision in 10 years and beyond

We have drawn up a vision for the future through which we are realizing our mission from the perspectives of society at large, our customers, and other external individuals, while also focusing on the internal circumstances of FINECS.

Outside the company (society and customers)

  • Our products are used in vehicles of the future, wearable terminals, electronic products, and the aerospace industry. Through these markets we are contributing to the advancement and development of a society that provides greater convenience, safety, security, and comfort.
  • Our products are offered all over the world and have earned praise from satisfied users around the globe.

Inside the company

  • We strive to improve every day as we create value. All our employees work with diligence and a sense of commitment.
  • We use databases and numerical data in the manufacture of our scientific products.
  • Our factory is fully automated so that we can manufacture our quality products in a structured and orderly environment.
  • Our headed parts and composite parts have become known around the world, and we continue to take on the challenge of developing new businesses.