FINECS' Automatic Pin Insertion Machine

For customers using our terminal pins, we sell continuous pin insertion machines that automatically and continuously insert them into workpieces.

プレスフィットピン対応 連続ピン挿入機 FINESERT(ファインサート)

Features of "FINESERT® Lite" Continuous-pin Insertion Machine

Electric cylinder insertion head

The insertion height adjustment can be set with the numerical value input. Height adjustment is no longer necessary when switching models with different pin lengths.

Electric cylinder pin feed

The feed length of the pin can be set by numerical entry. Switching between pin types with different lengths is easier.

Touch panel

You can select product type switching.
Continuous operation can be continued from any position.
The insertion positions (X and Y) can be entered on the touch panel.

※"FINESERT® Pro" that can be customized is also available.

Corresponding pin shape

Please consult with us for other shapes. Only the one we provide is available.

Practical case

Inserting press-fit pins into PCB boards
Inserting pins into resin parts
Inserting pins into sleeves

Contact us for more information on FINESERT continuous-pin inserter.

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