Inspection terminals・probe pins・test pins

At FINECS, we manufacture and sell probe pins, test pins, wire probes and more components used for semiconductor inspection equipment. We provide 10K to several 100M pieces per month.

  • Inspection terminals・probe pins・test pins
  • Inspection terminals・probe pins・test pins
  • Inspection terminals・probe pins・test pins


Middle flange pin: ø0.1mm~(smaller pieces in development)
Single header pin: ø0.05mm~
Tapered pin:ø0.1mm~(smaller pieces in development)

Main applications

Function as test probes, contact pins, wire probes, cantilever pins used in semiconductor inspection equipment(inspection probe card, various types of inspection sockets)

Image of use in inspection probe card
Image of use in inspection probe card


Making use of our original Cold Heading technology, we manufacture components like middle flange pins, header pins, tapered pins with stopper function – all made from ultra-fine wire rods with excellent electrical characteristics – for a huge variety of applications.
We have cultivated this microfabrication technology over decades to deliver you probe pins, wire probes, cantilevers or contact pins without waste of material, compared to common methods like cutting, pressing or MEMS. To limit the contact point on the terminal tip, we additionally offer a hole-making process or barrel processing to make the surface smaller.

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    • * For design details (diameter, length, plating) or questions about material, please contact us. We are happy to help you.

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Mid-flanged straight pins with conical tapers
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Mid-flanged straight pins with round chamfers
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