End-to-end pins / End-to-end terminals (round type)

This product is manufactured and sold by FINECS.
  • End-to-end pins (round type)
  • End-to-end pins (round type)

Available sizes, shapes, etc.

φ0.2mm and above (section diameter)
Available for products marked with (☆).

Product features

The terminals/pins are supplied in an unseparated state wound around a reel. Products of this type are used when inserting terminals directly into printed circuit boards or other such things by using an automatic pin insertion machine. Available in bare or plated.

Applicable shapes of end-to-end pins - round type

Straight round pins with 4-side tapers
Straight round pins with conical tapers
Partially flattened straight pins with conical tapers
Partially pinched straight pins with conical tapers
Straight pins with conical tapers and cross-shaped cross sections
Mid-flanged straight pins with conical tapers





  • * Specifications, materials, and other details are available upon request.

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