Heat radiating pins for heat sinks

Heat radiating pins for heat sinks are manufactured and sold by FINECS.

  • Block terminal(Heat radiating pins for heat sinks)
  • Block terminal(Heat radiating pins for heat sinks)


Available sizes, shapes, etc.

Round pin head: φ0.2mm and above


Copper, aluminum, silver,etc.

Plating specifications

Ag、Ni、and more

Product characteristics

Our heat radiating pins for heat sinks are made by metal wires through our Cold Heading Technology, bringing them into your desired shape, helping us to keep mold costs low compared to extrusion processes.
After forming the headers of from round wire made pins, the latter will be brazed on a heat radiating plate to create the heat sink. We can handle different lengths of heat radiating pins and surface layouts of heat radiating plates, so it is also possible to produce long pins with high heat radiating abilities.

If you consider heat radiation measures for boards or IC parts, please let us handle the whole process from material selection to trial production and mass production according to your desired application.


Main usages

These pins are used for various semiconductors, integrated circuit parts, laminated boards, heat sinks and more, with the main purpose of heat diffusion and heat dissipation.

(Usage examples)
Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) use a large number of electronic components that require heat radiation, such as control CPUs and inverters.
Our heat radiation pins for heat sinks fit these requirements perfectly.

・Wireless communication
With the spread of 5G, wireless communication in mobile phone networks is expected to increase the amount of heat generated by semiconductors as speed and capacity increase. If you need a heat radiation boards with high thermal conductivity, we offer you our heat radiation pins for heat sinks.

IGBT modules and SIC modules have been adopted for motor controls of electric trains such as the Shinkansen. Here our pins are used to dissipate heat from these power devices.

What is a "heat sink"?

"Heat generation" is an unavoidable phenomenon for all machines, against which various counter measures are taken.
One of these is a heat sink. This is a component that is attached to a mechanical or electrical component that generates heat, with the purpose of dissipating that heat and lower the temperature.
In order to improve the performance of the heat sink, it is brought into a shape that increases its surface area, normally a “sword-mountain” or “bellow” shape with sticks or plates (so called fins) on it.
For heat sinks mainly two different metals are used: aluminum and copper, due to their abilities to easily transmit and dissipate heat. These are two different methods to create heat sinks, the first is to extrude metal at high pressure and mold it, the other is to assemble terminals on a flat metal plate.

What is Heat radiating terminals (Heat radiating pins)?

  • * Specifications, materials, and other details are available upon request.

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