Connector terminals (press-working and surface treatment)

This product is manufactured and sold by FINECS.

Available sizes, shapes, etc.

Plate thickness: 0.05 mm and above, Tolerance: ±0.005 mm and above


Brass, phosphor bronze, or other by arrangement

Surface treatment

Nickel primary coating and partial gold plating (plating with nickel barrier)

Connector terminals (press-working and surface treatment)

Product features

Terminals for connectors are manufactured by press working including blanking and bending. Dies are produced in-house or outsourced.
Surface treatment is provided in response to your needs. For example, we can utilize surface treatment techniques for improving connector contact and solder wetting characteristics, as well as partial plating techniques for reduced costs.
As for the plating process, we have established a system to respond to all kinds of requests with regard to ultrafine products, through the introduction of image inspection equipment for monitoring quality and analysis equipment.

* Specifications, materials, and other details are available upon request.

Please contact FINECS for details.