We, the FINECS Group, were incorporated in 1969, and from the beginning, we have manufactured automatic machines in-house and have supplied various parts using these machines. We will continue to contribute to our customers and society by aiming to be a "good company.

We, the FINECS Group, will realize the creation of a "good company.

What is a good company?

A company that makes its customers happy

A good company is a company that provides "new value" sought by its customers through the world's No. 1 excellence in business,
We will create a company that continues to innovate.

A company where employees are happy

We will create a company where all employees are motivated and excited to take on new challenges every day, and where everyone is happy.

A company with good teamwork

We will create a company that is united as one, strong, tough, gentle, and sincere.

We believe that the happiness of our customers and the happiness of our employees are equally important as our highest strategy, just like the two wheels of a car, and we have adopted this as our management philosophy and mission statement, "Creating a good company.

By making our customers happier, we are able to receive compensation, and by working together to achieve this, our employees become happier.

When all employees are happy, we can provide better products and services that impress our customers and make them happier.

We will continue to take on the daily challenge of creating a "good company.