Power semiconductor terminals (press-working and surface treatment)

This product is manufactured and sold by FINECS.
  • Power semiconductor terminals (press-working and surface treatment)
  • Power semiconductor terminals (press-working and surface treatment)

Available sizes, shapes, etc.

Plate thickness: 0.1 mm and above


Brass, phosphor bronze, or other by arrangement

Surface treatment

Nickel for primary coating, soft gold (gold purity 99.99 %) for plating

Product features

Terminals used for power semiconductor-related modular parts are manufactured by press working including blanking and bending. Dies are also produced in-house (partially outsourced). Wire bonding with gold, aluminum, or other material is applied to power semiconductor terminals. The surface treatment process, which requires soft gold plating to provide excellent bondability, is handled in-house to achieve optimal surface condition. Partial gold plating is applied on the nickel primary coating. Establishing FINECS' proprietary technology of reducing the use of gold by applying gold plating to required portions only, as well as enhancing our analysis and quality management abilities, we contribute to the widespread adoption of energy-saving products.

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