At FINECS, we manufacture and sell the following products.
We handle mass production quantities from 10K to several 100M / month.

  • 二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓
  • 二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓
  • 二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓
  • 二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓

Reference standards

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Aluminum, Copper & copper-related
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Product characteristics

Rivets are used for fastening (caulking) metal plates or molds. They are shaped like a single-header, consisting of a shaft (body part) and a head. To create a rivet, first a hole is made into the overlapped material. Then it gets inserted until finally the end of the protruding shaft gets punched to build the head. The form of the head can be made round or flat (other types possible). To achieve these forms, we do not use cutting processes on the wire material, but FINECS’ Cold Heading Technology, thus offering best quality and economic solutions.
Our hollow rivets are also used for positive and negative terminals of in-vehicle secondary battery terminals and more.

Hollow rivet dimensions

Example of hollow riveting

example①二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓
example②二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓
example③二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓二次電池用 電極正極端子/負極端子/封止ピン/液栓


Q:What kind of rivets do you offer?
A:We produce hollow rivets or micro rivets (header pins).

Q:About forms and crimping methods.
A:We offer the adequate solution according to your needs.

Q:What about occurrence of burrs?
A:Our special Cold Heading Technology makes it possible to produce with minimum burr occurrence.

Q:What is the MOQ for rivets?
A:We offer samples for prototyping from 10K up to mass production quantities of several 100M per month.

  • * Specifications, materials, and other details are available upon request.

Please contact FINECS for details.